Ichijoji – Kyoto battleground of Ramen noodles / Gokkei

Sep. 3, 2016

September of this year came. It has become a little bit less hot in the morning and night. This could be a sign of autumn?, maybe influence of typhoon.

Since opening of our guesthouse in this January, 8months already went with no real problem. I would like to say thank you to our guests and people support us.

As usual, Kyoto in July and August had hot summer. I believe our guests enjoyed activities in Kyoto through a day and knew such hot summer of Kyoto better than me (*^^*).

My blog of this time is a part of the series, Ichijoji – Kyoto battleground of Ramen noodles. This is the second article at last, since May.

The name of this ramen shop is “Gokkei”, a combination of two Chinese characters 極”Gok” + 鶏”Kei”. “Gok” literally means Ultimate, and “Kei” means Chicken meat.


This restaurant is one of the most popular ramen shops in Kyoto making a long queue. Normally, I try to avoid queuing, but I endured a long waiting time (LOL). In our case, it took 2 hours to enter the restaurant.

I choose “Tori-daku”. The soup is very thick, no more in the form of a liquid! It is a more paste like, but  with full of tasty chicken meat. This is my quite first experience of eating, not drinking the very thick “soup”.  I enjoyed a large size of Menma (Bamboo Shoots) too.


My husband choose “Sakana-daku”.


A lot of shavings of dried fish is added on the thick “soup”, creating a different tasty flavor.

The shop offers 4 kinds of ramen. Others are “Kuro-daku” and “Aka-daku”. I need to find out how taste they are in the next time, maybe different time zone which may have shorter queue.

Please try this thick soup of Gokkei. (^^♪