日本語・英語切り替えボタンは画面の左か下にあります。 This article shows you how to get to Otabi-an from Kyoto station. When using Airport shuttle

When you arrive in Kyoto Station using railway

When you arrive in Kyoto using JR lines or Airport Express Haruka, please go upstairs from a platform, and get out from Nishi-guchi ticket gate. Then turn left to go to Hachijo West Exit. If you see the Kyoto tower when getting out of the ticket gate, it is the opposite side (North side). Please go upstairs to Pedestrian Walkway, the 2nd floor of the station, to go to Hachijo West Exit. If you arrive in Kyoto by Shinkansen, exit from the Central exit. Hachijo West Exit is at your left hand side. When using Kintetsu railways, Hachijo West Exit is at your right hand side after exiting the ticket gate. At a sign board of “Hachijo West Side”, follow an arrow for “みやこみち” (right hand side) to go down to the ground floor Passing a taxi stand at your left hand side, go straight along with the passage. You can see New Miyako Hotel (name is changed to, “Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo”) at your left hand side. Keep going straight. then you will reach Hachijo Aburanokoji intersection. Next

When arriving at Kyoto Station Hachijo-guchi by Airport shuttle

A shuttle from Kansai airport (KIX) arrives in front of a shopping center “AVANTI”. When you face AVANTI, your right hand side is the direction you should go. You will see New Miyako Hotel ahead. Keep going in the same direction. Airport shuttle from Osaka Itami airport for domestic flights arrives at the bus stop G3. Other highway buses arrive at the bust stop G2. (The name of New Miyako Hotel is changed to, “Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo”) At the bus stop G1 in front of NIPPON RENT-A-CAR or Ibis Styles Hotel, check a bus status for Route 16 which takes you to Hachijo-Omiya bus stop near Obtabi-an. Although only 2 buses of Route 16 are available per an hour, it is convenient if it rains or you have heavy luggage. The Hachijo-Omiya is the 2nd bus stop from Kyoto station. You can walk any way. Keep going along with the passage to reach Hachijo Aburanokoji intersection.

Hachijo Aburanokoji Intersection

You can see an elevated railway for Kintetsu line ahead and Shinkansen in your upper right hand side. Go across the intersection and go along with Hachijo street to the west. Passing GOLD COFFEE and Lawson at your right, go along with the elevated railway for Shinkansen Please walk at the left side of Hachijo dori street beyond the second traffic signal from Hachijo Aburanokoji intersection. Pass by a telephone booth and Ramen shop. You will soon find the Hachijo Omiya bus stop with a blue circle sign board. Turn left at Hachijo Oymiya bus stop to enter to a very narrow alley (Due to construction of a new building, houses at the right hand side of the alley were removed, so it is different from the current appearance). Soon, you can find a Japanese lantern ahead (a concrete-block wall shown in a photo below was removed, so the current appearance is different from the photo). Now you arrive at Otabi-an.