” Kyoto Railway Museum” finally opened !

April 29, 2016

I visited the Kyoto Railway Museum opened today in Umekoji park, stone’s throw  away from our Otabi-an hostel.

It was January 21 that I wrote a blog about a digital counter in the Kyoto station showing “100 days until opening of the railway museum”. so, already 100 days have passed since then. The time passes so fast !


From early morning, TV news reported in its live broadcast that 2000 railfan were waiting for the opening at the entrance,

but when I visited there just after launch time I did not need to join a long queue to enter by luck.

It shows interesting history of Shinkansen, retired overnight trains and also many steam trains as this place was famous as Umekoji Steam Train museum before the new train museum is built, which bring back old memories.






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