Sento is culture of Kyoto ~ Introduction of “Hinode-yu”


Today, I would like to introduce a Sento Hinode-yu ,public bath which has stood for 88 years and is located near our Otabi-an hostel, as I love a Sento and a sauna bath very much !

I often go to a “Super sento”, a modern large bathhouse or a relaxation spa, but, such a town public bath has a long history and something special atmosphere. It’s a kind of a regional salon where you can talk with a bath attendant lady or local old people.

In the undressing room, bathroom baskets are piled up and you have to take one and put it into a locker with your cloths.

If you are not familiar with this way, the bath attendant lady will take a basket and give it to you, beating the dust off and tell you how to use it.


Hinode-yu is planning some events for visitors.



The next event is “evening with light of fireflies”, Japanese summer tradition, to be held from June 10 to 15.

I must go ! (^_-)-☆



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