Event news from “Hinode-yu”, an old pubic bath in Kyoto /Sep – Dec, 2016

A “sento”, public bath near Otabi-an which is famous for its quaint appearance of Showa-era provided us with their event news as follows:

  • September 9 – 21  : closed every Thursday
    Noren (Japanese store curtain) used in Japanese film “Mother Water” released in 2010, staring Satomi Kobayashi and Kyoko Koizumi is shown.
  • November 18 -30 :closed every Thursday
    Evenning of Take-Tourou  – Japanese garden lantern made of Bamboo
  • December 21 
    “Yuzu-buro”  Yuzuz – Citron – are set afloat in the bath , traditional Japanese custom for the winter solstice.

Business time 16:00 – 23:00  closed every Thursday

We sell discount ticket for public bath in Otabi-an hostel.

“Hinode-yu” is located at about 400m from our hostel, a distance of 5-minute walk. A guide map is available also.

We hope you can enjoy an exotic experiences for “sento”  during your stay in our Otabi-an hostel!

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